Company overview


CONIS are pioneering the future of the I.Tindustry.

We, CONIS, are have been prepared for the rapid change of the world, as well as new leap forward based on abundant experience, accumulated technology, excellent human resources, and trust with partners in each industry.

We are now even pioneering for sustainable growth by expanding our business areas to Safety Tech, Prop Tech, and Retail Tech.

CONIS takes the lead in performing social responsibility with smart technology.

We are leading the smartization of IT systems in various areas to lead changes for more convenient and better life with IT technology applied to society.

Especially, we are changing the existing paradigm for disaster safety by establishing smart city solutions, smart building systems, and smart disaster safety system systems and applying them to various industrialsites to create a smarter world.

CONIS challenges the world.

We are taking off into the global market, promising a sustainable future through bold investments that secure the company's strong capabilities and strengthen differentiated competitiveness.

With a passion for change and a challenging spirit, we are paving the way for new growth by pioneering competitive business areas that can enter the global market and securing products and services.